Tri-Luma Сream Review


Tri-Luma Cream claims to offer cure for Melasma by inhibiting the production of melanin in a person’s skin. Melasma is a skin complication which is triggered by too much sun exposure, genetics, depression, and even by using birth control pills. People nowadays refer to it simply as the dark spots that can be found throughout one’s skin. This cream is highly effective in treating different cases of Melasma from moderate to the most severe.

How Tri-Luma Cream Works

This cream is especially formulated to decrease the signs of Melasma and even wipe it out altogether if possible. Despite this though, you should understand that the results and effects still varies, depending on the severity of your case and how much sun exposure do you let your skin have.

Triluma cream’s main ingredient is hydroquinone (4%). This ingredient penetrates skin pigments and reduces the production of Melanin which makes the black spots occur and ultimately have it vanished forever. Aside from this ingredient, it also has fluocinolone acetonide (0.01%) and tretinoin (0.05%), both powerful when it comes to treating Melasma.

Findings of Our Research

Based on online research, a good number of people have experienced being completely treated of their Melasma within just 8 weeks, but there are also some that experienced bad reactions. Despite this though, it cannot be denied that it has worked considerably and have freed a lot of patients from their skin complication.


  • Cures any level of Melasma
  • It is possible to incorporate the use of Triluma Cream along with your other skin care regiments without affecting its results.
  • It only takes 8 weeks for you to see visible results.
  • Even while using cosmetics, Triluma can still be used along with it.


  • Not 100% safe to use because of the presence of Hydroquinone which can trigger allergic reactions.
  • Triluma is not safe for women who are pregnant and nursing.
  • People who have gone beyond the age of 65 cannot use Triluma.
  • You cannot avail this cream without a medical prescription by your doctor.

Tri-Luma Side Effects

There are known side effects that revolve around this cream. Peeling, oozing, burning, swelling and even irritation of the eyes and mouth are just some of the known bad reactions that a patient can get which is associated to Hydroquinone, the cream’s main ingredient. It is important to test first if you are allergic to the said ingredient by applying a small amount of the cream in your skin which is not entirely visible publicly and observe how your skin will react. Even though hydroquinone is the most powerful bleaching agent (on skin specifically), it is not safe as except from the negative possible effects mentioned, it can also cause deadly diseases like leukemia, thyroid disorders and liver damage. It is also suggested that you have a talk with your physician about using this cream before utilizing it to ensure safety.

The Verdict:

Triluma Cream is considered as one of the most effective ointment for Melasma. Despite the negative effects of hydroquinone, it is a fact that this cream really works into completely wiping out Melasma in just 2 months.

It may seem dangerous but a lot of people who considered trying this came testifying for this product for its good and remarkable results. Like always suggested, you must seek a doctor’s opinion though before deciding to utilize this strong cream just to be sure that you can handle the side effects, if there will be any and also know if this product is the best one for you.


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