Shiseido White Lucent Reviews.


Shiseido White Lucent Skin Care Line is a program especially designed for those people who feels like they have to brighten up their complexion and get rid of birth marks, dark spots and freckles. This regime is clinically proven safe to be used at young age and actually, it is even suggested that this program be started at a younger age to avoid age spots that a person will get in the future and also to save a user from environmental exposure.

How Shiseido White Lucent Works

This developed program is a complete set of skin care sets from foaming gels to skin foundations that will effectively lighten a user’s skin. They have special products which are especially designed to lighten melanin cells and spread them out to make the user have an even skin tone.

Unlike other skin lightening products, Shiseido doesn’t use Hydroquinone as their active ingredient for skin bleaching. All products are made from natural ingredients derived from different plant extracts. The presence of dual Vitamin C complex that pairs perfectly with brightening powder is another good ingredient in Shiseido products.

What Our Research Suggests:

After reading various user comments and testimonials about the product, it appears that most of them are 100% satisfied with the program’s results. The only problem that seems to surface is the cost which demands almost 30% of their paycheck. The results are magnificent, however and Shiseido have certainly made a lot of their consumers happy with their skin care program.


  • All skin types can benefit from Shiseido White Lucent Skin Care Line as it is mild and is safe for use at any age.
  • Safe for frequent and long term use as Shiseido’s products are made from all natural ingredients.
  • A user can take advantage of this entire skin line dedicated to skin care and lightening program without getting side effects from mixing different products of different brand, avoiding side effects and irritation.
  • Available in different parts of the US.
  • The special brightening powder acts as an active ingredient for whitening without the inclusion of Hydroquinone in the compound.


  • This skin care line can be really expensive as you will be required to buy as many of their products as possible to maximize the chances of getting positive results.
  • Cannot be located easily, as not all retail stores have this product.
  • Shiseido doesn’t list all the ingredients present in their product.

Side Effects

There are no documented side effects upon usage of Shiseido’s product yet. However, an extremely sensitive skin can be prone to irritations upon application of any chemical and substances on the skin. It is still advisable to designate a certain patch of the skin for test, apply a small amount and watch the reaction within 24 hours. This is the safest way to ensure that you will be gaining the supposed good result of the product rather than discomfort and irritation.


Shiseido White Lucent Skin Care Line is 100% proven effective and if you are really determined into getting that whiter, fairer and supple skin in just a couple of months, this is the most recommended product for you. While it may be true that this tends to be expensive, it is better to blow cash on a product that really works with no known harmful side effects rather than using cheap ones that can damage your skin immediately and in the long run.


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