Palmer’s Fade Cream Reviews


Palmers Fade Cream is a lightening product that has garnered millions of avid users all around the globe. It claims to even out skin tone, lighten complexion and even cure skin complications like Melasma. Even though this cream is specifically formulated for the oiliest skin, it is also proven effective in rendering amazing results for different skin types.

How Palmers Fade Cream Works

By using this cream regularly once a day (day or night – whichever you prefer), you will be able to see noticeable results on spots where you applied the cream on. Unwanted dark skin pots and freckles are often results of an excess production of melanin and this cream is specially formulated to hamper that process.

Aside from this, Palmers Fade Cream has also been clinically proven to reduce age spots, scars and even out uneven skin tone. Except for the presence of essential vitamins and minerals, this cream also comes with a unique combination of the latter and Alpha Hydroxy, an ingredient that softens the skin and allows the skin lightening cream to penetrate the skin’s surface, ultimately correcting the problems its pigments.

What Our Research Says

Based on non-biased user testimonials, most of them have successfully achieved the lightness in complexion that they have wanted to achieve for some time. However, like any other skin lightening products, the results varied due to different skin types and some people waited for 5-6 months before being able to see the result while some only had to wait 1-2 months for dramatic results.


  • Acts as a moisturizer, skin hydrator and skin lightener, all in one.
  • Can cater any skin types, especially oily ones.
  • Possible to incorporate with other existing skin care regimes, even make-up.
  • Visible results in just 1-2 months.
  • Can be availed online or through regular retailers.
  • Never tested on animals.


  • Not all ingredients are 100% all natural.
  • User should always be careful with sun exposure.
  • Very oily that is why even though it is okay to put it even with make-up, it is not suggested as it may cause the make-up to run off.
  • Contains Hydroquinone (2%) and Octisalate (3%) and other ingredients that are often linked with reproductive toxicity and cancer.

Side Effects

Hydroquinone is known as one of the best ingredient to lighten a person’s skin but it has also earned its fame being a carcinogenic substance. Excessive use of any products that contain carcinogens can trigger deadly results upon the user. Except for this, the usual breakouts, eye and lip irritation are just some of the most common side effects upon using this skin lightening cream. Changes at cellular level are also likely to occur because of its ability to penetrate the skin in such an advanced structure. Always consult a doctor first before deciding to use this product as it is very strong.


Those users who had skin that adjusted perfectly to the reaction and were patient enough achieved undeniably good results within just 6-8 weeks by using this cream. They claim to have a supple, softer and lighter skin tone now than before. This is proof that it really works but you have to be fully aware that there are consequences when applying anything alien to your body and skin and may trigger some bad effects. Despite this though, a good number of people came satisfied with the product so if you think you can handle it, Palmers Fade Cream is amazingly worth every penny.


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