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Obagi Nu-Derm Clear has gained its popularity in the world beauty market. Aside from its complete skin care system, it has become well known for its eye and facial creams that claim to get rid of fine lines, dark circles and spots, rough skin caused by the damaging UV rays of the sun, acne and other signs of aging.

How Obagi Nu-Derm Clear works

The presence of hydroquinone and tretinoin in its products are the ones responsible for this spotless and age-reducing effect. While hydroquinone helps in the process of making the skin tone even, tretinoin is the one that fights and ultimately eliminates acne, hence, a lot of people seeks this product for it’s acne-fighting capability as well.

Aside from the two main ingredients mentioned, it also contains aloe, glycerin, petrolatum and vitamins A and E which triggers the smooth, hydrated and moisturized effect upon and after application.

Our Research on Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Suggests:

Based on a concensus that was based on non-biased user ratings, testimonials and comments, a good number of people that have tried this product can attest to it’s effectiveness. The usual application of the cream which is daytime and nighttime is the one that usually triggers problems. A lot of them are better off putting the cream during the evening and before going to bed as the thickness of the cream, when blended with the make-up tends to be uncomfortable. Other than this, most of the reports are fairly positive.


  • Most effective in freeing the user from photo-aging, fine lines and skin tone corrector.
  • Using Obagi Nu-Derm Clear around the eye area makes it looks plumpy, gaining a healthy look.
  • The effect lasts a long time, if not a lifetime.
  • Good texture.
  • Nice packaging which makes it easy to store in cabinets and drawers.


  • One of its main ingredient, tretinoin can cause discomforts such as peeling, hypersensitivity to the sun and irritation to the application site.
  • Hydroquinone, which is one of the products’ main ingredients, is a known carcinogenic. Aside from this, it can also make the user develop what doctors call ochronosis, the thickening and darkening of the skin due to hydroquinone application.
  • These creams don’t go well with make-up due to its usually thick texture.
  • Products are very pricey.
  • Skin irritation is possible due to the presence of strong chemicals.
  • No sunscreen at all.
  • Money back guarantee is indefinite as it depends upon the retail store.

Side Effects:

Some users have experienced itchiness, redness and extreme burning upon the application area. Severe peeling is also one of the known side effects due to the presence of tretinoin and hydroquinone combined. There are also reports of minor reddening of the eye when using eye creams. Like usual, try a small amount on an unnoticeable part of the skin and observe any allergic reaction.


Does Obagi Nu-Derm Clear really work? A lot of users have attested to the effectiveness of Obagi products, especially their eye creams and those that fight acne. If you are determined enough to blow some cash and get rid of those lines as soon as possible, this is the most recommended product for you. Cheap ones usually render more negative than positive results so it is best to pick carefully what you will apply on your skin as the damage that you can get takes time to neutralize, if not irreversible.


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