Makari Skin Care Products are a top notch skin care line founded by Jack Aini, an American who later partnered with a chemist named Maurice Bertrand. Maurice is renowned in the world as a chemist. The product claims to make one’s skin visibly lighter and firmer as it revitalizes and bring the life of the skin back by restoring its original functions. It has the ability to make skin lively and luminous between 2-4 weeks, and turn any dark skin five shades lighter depending on the frequency, application and skin type may take up to 3 months to get visible results.

How Makari Skin Care products Works

Dark skinned people have been neglected long enough when it comes to the worldwide cosmetic talks and have received poor attention from big-named companies when it comes to beauty enhancement.

Makari brightens the overall complexion by hampering the hyper occurrence of melanin. The product is made from all natural ingredients such as plant extracts derived from Mulberry Leaves, Wheat Germ and Lemon leaves and caviar extracts, a key ingredient into successfully redirecting the melanin from one area to another to create an even skin tone.

Our Research Results

After conducting various researches online, jumping from forum to forum and reading user testimonials, it is indeed true that Makari lightens dark skin. Since there are a lot of skin types though, people basically see the results between 1- 2 months and that statistic highly depends upon usage, application and their specific skin characteristics.


  • Works on all skin types.
  • No presence of hydroquinone and other harmful chemicals – all products are made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Some products contain a combo of acne-fighting and whitening tandem.
  • Renders permanent effects.
  • No documented side effects yet.
  • Removes harsh marks, blemishes, liver spots and stretch marks.
  • Some products contain sunscreen.


  • People allergic to sea products cannot use Makari because of the presence of caviar extracts in its products.
  • Before a pregnant or nursing woman can utilize Makari products, they need to consult their physicians first.
  • Can never be mixed with any other skin care products or there will be skin damaging results.
  • Some people have experienced breakouts in their skin due to the high amount of fish protein present in the product.
  • 30-day refund if the product is still in its original packaging and is unused ONLY.

Side Effects

While there are no documented side effects when using the products of Makari yet, it is important to be careful. Make sure that you apply a small amount of it in an inconspicuous part of your skin and observe the results first. An allergy to sea products might cause breakouts and an irritation such as this – a sign for you to stop using the product. Allow your skin to adjust to the effects of the product and gradually increase application if desired.


So, overall, do Makari Skin care products really work? As we all know, we all have different types of skin. What works for one doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to work for you. Yes, it works but the question is: will it work for you?

Only one thing is for sure – if you are patient enough and your skin adjusts fairly with the product, this is worth the investment. Choosing to buy cheap ones might be really dangerous for you so trying your luck out with this world-renowned product shouldn’t be so much of a scare as it has earned its fair share of thumbs up from people all over the world.


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