Kojic Acid Soap – 6 Tips to Get Results in 7 Days


Kojic acid soap is a skin whitening product with its main ingredient being kojic acid.

Kojic acid is an organic compound coming from Japan, derived from fungi-like mushrooms, used in the Japanese sake, the Japanese rice wine.

If you are reading this maybe you have already heard about the benefits of Kojic acid for whitening the skin and healing this spot.

In this article I would like to share some advice about the use of Kojic acid soap, so you can take the healthiest choices when it comes to your skin whitening routine.

How does Kojic Acid Soap work?

It exfoliates your skin by removing its outermost layer – the dead skin cells, the excessive oil and dirt. In this way, new, fresh and clean skin is revealed and we are feeling more beautiful and charming.

It is also responsible for reducing the production of melanin deep within our skin layers. Therefore, it stops the development of pigments which darken the skin.

Being a natural product, the kojic acid soap provides a healthier alternative to the chemical skin whiteners.

What are the benefits of using Kojic Acid Soap

Although kojic acid soap is known mostly for its skin whitening functions, there are additional benefits of its regular usage which can make your skin smoother and more glowing.

      • Kojic acid soap is a fighter against melasma, hyperpigmentation and dark spots.
      • Dirt, blackheads and whiteheads cause our skin to look dull and dark. Through exfoliation, the kojic acid soap removes these skin enemies.
      • Sick of acne? The good news about Kojic soap is that it is dermatologist-recommended for fighting off bacteria-caused acne and blemishes. Because of its high glycerine content, pimples, acne breakouts and blemishes are easily removed.
    • Fights freckles topically by reducing the melanin.

The Kojic Acid Soap Brands we recommend

As with other beauty products when it comes to quality and effectiveness, choosing the best brand for your skin is essential. We have collected a small list of the top kojic acid soaps.

1. Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

This whitening soap is one of the most potent on the market. It contains high concentration of pure Kojic which action is fortified with natural sweet orange extract and vitamin C. Both vitamin C and orange are known for their whitening properties.

In addition Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap also contains moisturizing coconut oil which helps for maximum absorption of the kojic acid. Due to the high amounts of kojic acid in this soap, it is strongly recommended to use moisturizer after applying it to avoid skin dryness.

2. Likas Papaya Soap

Likas Papaya soap is an organic skin product made of 100% natural ingredients. It features papaya extract, vitamin C and Kojic acid. The papaya extract and vitamin C are natural skin lighteners. This soap originated in the Philippines and is the first skin whitening soap to use papaya extract as the main ingredient.

3. Marie France Kojic Soap

A professional Kojic soap combining the effectiveness of highly concentrated pure kojic acid with the health benefits of natural papaya enzyme called papain. This soap exfoliates and smoothes your skin making it lighter, flawless and beautiful.

The upside of using this soap is that it contains a higher concentration of kojic acid and papain, which makes the process of lightening faster and more potent than using other brands. It is a gradual, rejuvenating and gentle whitener.

The ingredients list of Marie France Kojic Soap is simple and short which is one more reason to be a top pick - no unnecessary additives and chemical preservatives. It contains only Glycerin, Pure Kojic Acid, Papain, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera.

This soap works for all skin types and ethnicities. It is widely being used by people with dark skin in India, Kenya, and Nigeria.

4. Original kojic acid whitening soap

This kojic acid soap contains glutathione and Kojic acid. It is reviewed to be harsher on the skin compared to other brands. It is a good choice for whitening, however if your skin is more sensitive to dryness you should consider another option.

How to use Kojic Acid Soap to effectively whiten your skin faster?

There are some rules you can follow to effectively and gradually whiten your skin.

  1. Never apply kojic acid soap directly on your face. Always mix it with water before using. Gently massage your skin with the mixture and leave it for no more than 30 seconds. To even your skin color include your neck in the procedure.
  2. ​Rince with cold water. It is essential that on this step you use cold water to close the pores on your skin.
  3. ​Finally, dry your face with a towel. For a smoother skin and to fight dryness you should apply water-based moisturiser.
  4. Your face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body, so be gentle and cautious when using kojic acid soap for the first time.

Over time, your will see how your skin reacts to the soap and gradually extend the time to leave it on your face. After a few weeks, you can start using it twice a day.

In any case, you should not leave it on for more than three to five minutes. It is important to be patient and persistent - you will see results in your glowing skin, but you shouldn't rush it by using the soap too often or for too long.

6 tips for a better use of Kojic soap for getting faster results

There are some tips for a better use of Kojic soap for getting faster results.

    • The kojic acid soap provides best results if in its ingredients there is papaya. The papaya extract combined with kojic acid works very effectively for whitening and healing the skin.
    • Use exfoliating gloves or sponge to help remove dead skin and reveal your new flawless skin faster.
    • ​Take care of your skin exposure habits. Try to spend less time under the sun so that you can avoid re-darkening.
    • If you have a sensitive skin - build up the time span for the soap on your face to 2-3 minutes.
    • If your skin is normal - the soap can stay on for up to 5 minutes.

    Why use Kojic Acid Soap?

    Lighter and softer skin with no spots are something everyone wants. Nowadays we are much more aware of our health than we have ever been before, thus, we are always searching for the most natural , least-harming and yet effective beauty treatments .

    After you have had enough of skin problems, dark spots, uneven skin tone and of trying many different procedures and products, you just need something that will work and will not damage your skin. 

    Being a natural and dermatologically-approved product, kojic acid soap is a good choice that will whiten your skin tone in the long term. It also keeps your pores bacteria-free. You don't have to worry about allergies when using it - it is certified hypoallergenic promising no dermatitis and rashes.

    When you should not use it?

    As any effective product, Kojic acid soap should be used with caution. Because kojic acid reduces the production of melanin, your new, fresh skin will be much more sensitive to the sun. This means that if you know you are going to be exposed to direct sun light often your skin will get sun-burn very quickly.

    If you are expecting very fast results than kojic acid soap is not the best choice. The process of action is slow and gradual, providing long-term lasting whiteness.

    Side effects you should not panic about

    Kojic acid soap is a potent product that really works. Food, cosmetic products, medicine - we respond to almost everything differently.

    As any cosmetic treatment that is efficient, there are some potential side effects of its usage:

      • You might experience dryness of the skin. What can help you in this case is to use good amounts of moisturiser.
      • Sensitiveness. After the exfoliation, your new skin will be more sensitive to many factors as sun exposure, pollution and other skin products.

      • Itchiness.

      • Skin Irritation. This side effect can occur mostly if your skin is very sensitive. The kojic acid in the soap is not enough to cause irritation on not too sensitive skin.

    Please note that you don't have to experience all of the given examples of side effects.

    Depending on your skin type you might see some of them or not experience any.

    All of the given side effects are just a temporary phase and you shouldn't worry if they appear.

    ​How long it takes before the results are visible

    Dermatologist and skin care companies recommend using the kojic acid soap for at least 8 weeks. If you have the patience you can increase this period to 16 weeks to see the ideal results. 

    Still as any cosmetic product, the time it takes can differ personally depending on your skin type. Some customers report a change after just one week of applying the soap.

    Other conditions, like the health of the skin, also can determine the result of the kojic acid soap usage. It will perform best on a healthy skin.

    The general rule would be - the longer you use the soap the lighter your skin will become.

    DOs and DON`Ts

    • DO use a water-based moisturiser to prevent or treat skin dryness
    • DO read the instruction for usage on your kojic acid soap package
    • ​DO know the contents of your soap. The levels of Kojic acid shouldn't exceed 1-2%
    • DO be consistent and patient. It will take several weeks for the soap to really make a difference in your skin tone
    •  DO NOT leave the soap on your skin for longer than advised
    •  DO NOT panic when you encounter any of the side effects mentioned above. Only if the symptoms are severe and strong you should see a dermatologist and discontinue your skin whitening procedures.
    • DO NOT expose your skin to the sun. Your new skin is very sensitive to the effects of UV rays.

    What are the ingredients?

    Kojic acid soap's contents can vary depending on the brand. What they all have in common is that the main ingredient is kojic acid.

    Other ingredients might include (but are not limited to) vitamin A, lipoic acid, vitamin C, E and AHA glycerine, natural extracts from papaya, Aloe Vera.


    • Does kojic acid soap remove pigmentation?

    Yes, by inhibiting the production of melanin kojic acid removes pigmentation.

    • Can I use kojic acid soap for lightening my deep old tan?

    You can use it and if you are persistent in several weeks or months depending on your skin type and how deep is your tan you will see results.

    • Will I achieve two shades lighter skin by using this soap?

    It all depends on your consistency, regular usage and skin type. It will lighten your skin but it it's hard to say how much exactly.

    • Can I use the soap for whitening the skin in my vaginal area?

    Yes, it can be used. The only thing you need to have in mind is being careful when applying it to avoid the soap getting inside.

    • How long will one bar last?

    Depending on how often you use it and the amount you apply it can last from 2-3 weeks to several months.

    • Should I stop using it after achieving the desired results?

    You can continue using it to maintain your whiter skin complexion. Use it with less frequency. For example, you can start reducing its usage from twice to once daily. After that, you can apply it just 2-3 times per week.





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