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Glyquin XM Cream Reviews


Glyquin XM Cream Reviews

Glyquin XM Cream is a prescription skin lightening cream that is specially formulated to help gradual fading of unwanted skin discolorations such as melasma and freckles. This is an improved formulation of the original Glyquin and now contain Vitamins C and E which are known to fight radical skin damages. It also claims to reduce fine line and wrinkles although its main purpose is to defeat unwanted skin pigmentations. Therefore, it doesn’t really serve as an anti-aging treatment cream despite the fact that it has displayed positive results on users who had previous cases of wrinkles and age lines.

How does Glyquin XM Cream Works

Over exposure to the sun or genetics can trigger Dyschromia or over production of melanin in the body which is responsible for the darkening of some areas, if not all. This uneven discoloration is sorted out by Glyquin XM using its main active ingredient, Hydroquinone (4%). Hydroquinone works by interfering the body’s production of tyrosinase, the active enzyme that helps the production of melanin and ultimately brightening the darkened spots since it will be difficult to produce melanin now that it doesn’t have enough factors to overpopulate.

Our Research on Glyquin XM Cream Suggests:

Based on user testimonials and comments about the product, it shows that the strength of the cream is undeniable. Most of them experienced intense results after using the cream twice a day within 3 weeks. In fact, an estimated 40% of the users have seen drastic changes in their skin with only 10 days of usage, but that obviously doesn’t work for everyone as different skin types takes some getting used to.


  • The product contains SPF 15 which makes the skin protected against sun damage.
  • A lot of research attested to the cream’s capability to lighten dark spots and other skin discoloration conditions.
  • The cream contains Hyaluronic acid which is known as a good moisturizing agent.
  • Contains Glycolic acid which is a natural exfoliator.
  • Product has Vitamin C and E, antioxidants that protects the skin from other radical damages.


  • The cream’s main ingredient, Hydroquinone with 4% concentration is the reason why you need a doctor’s prescription before you can purchase one.
  • This product is not intended and obviously not recommended for long term use due to its Hydroquinone ingredient which has been linked in developing blood diseases, thickening and darkening of skin and malfunction of adrenal glands.
  • Usage of this product may cause photosensitivity or extreme sensitivity to the sun because Hydroquinone triggers this effect.
  • No money back guarantee as it can only be availed through prescription.
  • It can only handle a single skin condition.

Glyquin XM Cream Side Effects:

As this is a really strong cream, people might have extreme hypersensitivity to some of Glyquin XM Cream ingredients and develop some itching, redness, burning and other skin irritations. Always apply a small amount in an inconspicuous skin patch first and wait for 24 hours for the reaction. While this doesn’t necessarily mean halting the usage of the cream, consult a doctor for any bad reactions that accompany application.


If you have been looking endlessly for a solution against your melasma and other skin diseases that revolve around discoloration and uneven skin tone, Glyquin XM Cream is the best choice and is advisable that you have a talk to your physician about prescription. This cost considerably fair and you are up for best results with proper application and caution.


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