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Fair and White Products Reviews

Written by Camilla Evaline

Fair & White Skin Care Line is comprehensive range of products that are specially designed to fade dark spots and promote skin lightening. From soaps to creams, a user can follow an extensive program that will allow their body to fight hyperpigmentation. Having a bad hyperpigmentation triggers the occurrence of dark spots through out the skin and this skin care program claims to free its user from this condition in approximately 1-2 months of constant usage, given that they will be using their complete products.

How Does Fair and White Products works

Hyperpigmentation is usually caused by genetics, sun exposure and even the rapid change of skin color due to pregnancy. Hampering the production of tyrosinase, the main active enzyme essential to produce melanin, melanin over production can be stopped. The presence of Hydroquinone in some of this skin care line’s products is responsible for doing this process while their main ingredient which is Diacetyl boldine is a potent anti-oxidant that enriches the skin and gives it an amazing glow while it evens out the skin tone.

Our Research on Fair & White Skin Care Line Suggests:

After jumping from one forum to another to check out user comments and testimonials about this skin care program, a good 70% is satisfied with the results that they have obtained after using it within 2-4 weeks. A lot of people experienced not an intense whitening most of the time, but a definitely even, glowing and spotless skin after using the products. There are different bottle colors that can help the user determine which is the best line to use for their needs. The pink bottled ones (So-White) are the most common as it is very mild although it is still not proven if they are hydroquinone free. Those who have experienced restoration of skin color used So-White.


  • A lot of experts consider this skin care line as a “breakthrough” because of the presence of Diacetyl boldine which is a natural anti-oxidant that enriches the skin and evens out complexion which is caused by dyschromia or severe melanin production.
  • This skin care program can restore original skin color in just a matter of months.
  • A lot of choices to pick from to suit your skin type.


  • Some products are very strong due to the presence of hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has been banned by the Food and Drug Administration since January 2001 for sale (Asia, Japan, Europe and Asia) and is only allowed at 2% concentration of products in the US while 4% concentration should be prescripted by a doctor. Hydroquinone is a known carcinogen and has been linked to a lot of deadly diseases such as leukemia, liver failure and such.
  • Difficult to find.
  • Can be very expensive.

Fair and White Products Side Effects:

Except for the pink bottled ones, other products and range can be very strong as they are especially designed to really whiten skin. Blemishing and itchiness can sometimes occur so it is strongly suggested that you test a small amount on a small patch of your skin first and watch how your skin will react within 24 hours.


Fair & White Products are advisable for those who are too afraid to try strong skin lightening products. They offer a wide variety of skin care programs which leaves users to choose and determine which is best suitable for their skin type. If you want a glowing and even skin tone, this is really worth the bucks.

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