Esoterica Fade Cream Reviews


Esoterica Fade Cream is a skin-lightening product that claims to lighten dark areas, remove freckles, sun spots, blemishes and the dark clusters that acne leave behind. This comes in three formulations: Daytime with Moisturizers, Daytime with Sunscreen and Nighttime with Moisturizers.

How Esoterica Fade Cream works

The cream’s main ingredient, Hydroquinone (2%) interferes with the over production of melanin which is responsible for hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation could be a result of sun exposure, genes and even the use of certain drugs such as oral contraceptives and many more. This non-greasy cream, if used daily and properly can diminish all unwanted skin discolorations in just 1-2 months as it claims.

Our Research on Esoterica Fade Cream Suggests:

Unbiased user testimonials and comments suggest that this cream worked effectively on them. However, there are few people who complains about skin irritation despite the fact that the cream claims that it is safe for sensitive areas. A lot of users still strongly suggest that you avoid application on a sensitive skin/area as you can’t be sure if you are susceptible to irritation. Regardless though, a lot of those who have tried the product are still satisfied and the result varied depending on the severity of the skin darkness.


  • Has a very mild smell
  • Clears up scars and blemishes effectively, aside from its skin lightening feature.
  • This product has three formulations to choose from which allows the user to pick one that suits their needs and lifestyle best.
  • The nighttime cream has a non-greasy effect.


  • This product can be expensive.
  • Hydroquinone is the main ingredient of this cream. Although this is dermatologist-recommended, a lot of experts still forbid its usage as much as possible for its main side effect is still undetermined but it has been linked to various Cancer-related cases, particularly in blood (leukemia). Aside from this, Hydroquinone is also being held responsible by some doctors for the development of liver failure in some people. These are just some of the reasons why it has been banned in some regions; although Hydroquinone incorporated products can still be bought in the US with only 2% concentration. 4% concentration requires a prescription.
  • Results may not be THAT visible for really dark skinned people.
  • You will not be able to see the results very quickly.

Esoterica Fade Cream Side Effects:

Not everything that works for one works for everyone. While there is a good majority of the people that claims that this product has worked wonders for them, some users still complain about breakouts and skin irritations. Swelling, burning, itchiness and redness is possible to occur, especially in hyper sensitive skin types. Go for a trial run and test the product by applying only a pea-sized amount in a small patch of the skin. Observe what you will feel and keep a watchful eye for any immediate negative reaction. Also, you have to know that you should discontinue usage of this product once the discoloration is fixed. Use it again if it comes back. And as a caution note, never apply this cream to a broken, inflamed or wounded skin as this can trigger a very serious irritation.


The number of satisfied users speaks for the effectiveness of Esoterica Fade Cream. Remember to conduct a research first, however before purchasing anything that you will randomly apply in your skin. This cream however is proven safe and effective and if you think this will suit your needs, then don’t think twice getting this product and see for yourself the positive results within 6 weeks.


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