About us

Hello and welcome to Lighter Skin.org. My name is Camilla Evaline, and as a chief-editor of this site, my aim is to dispel the many myths surrounding healthy skincare and to provide straight forward, easy to follow regimes that will help you combat the uneven skin tone and dark skin spots.

Working with a skilled team of writers, we seek to give you the necessary knowledge to make the most informed decisions possible when it comes to buying and applying skin lightening products.

We differ from many other sites in that we are not in the business of selling you a particular product, or range. We just want to give you accurate information to make the right choices for yourself.

We decided to set our core principles out in two easy to digest lists:

What we do:​

    • Give impartial advice on the topic of skin lightening and more general skincare.
    • Use scientific studies to help give everyday people real tips and tricks they can actually use.
    • Strive to give accurate, low cost solutions to the problem of uneven skin-tone.
    • Provide you with all the information possible to help you to make an informed choice on what is right for you.

What we don't do:

      • Promote any products not guaranteed to see amazing results.
      • Give you advice that we haven't thoroughly researched and tested on ourselves.
      • Encourage you to buy expensive, useless products.
      • Write biased reports based on skincare products who sponsor us.


    As a Hispanic woman in her forties, I have always been conscious of developing dark patches on my cheeks and a generally uneven skin tone. Whilst, I know this is natural and apart of aging, it doesn't do my confidence any favors.

    However, thanks to the meticulous regime we advocate at LighterSkin.org it has never been an issue for me, even despite my active lifestyle.

    Being an avid walker and water-skier means I spend most vacations camping near the coast. It's the perfect place to take the family and my two children really love spending time swimming in the ocean or burying their mom in the sand.

    I have to make sure that they are adequately protected though as young skin is much more sensitive to the fierce Florida sunshine. These action packed trips certainly put my skincare products through their paces and all that exposure to saltwater and sunlight makes it a constant battle to keep my face healthy and hydrated and my skin tone consistent.

    I often look back at my wedding pictures and how fresh faced and youthful I look on them. Even though it was only six years ago, I secretly think I look better than the I did in my twenties.

    I never imagined myself feeling as pleased as I do with the snaps from my big day because during my teenage years I suffered terrible acne that left me with large areas of scarring on my face.

    I became so desperate to achieve a clear complexion and even skin-tone that I would try literally anything. After wasting many hours and even more dollars on lightening creams, microdermabrasion procedures and chemical peels, I finally stumbled upon a set of techniques and products that really work and I want to share them with you.

    Many of my friends have recently started to complain about dark blotches on their faces the further past their second thirty ninth birthday they get. They used to tell me how lucky I was to not also suffer this unfortunate product of aging and before I set up LighterSkin.org, I would just smile and agree.

    However, the secret's out now and my girls are finally starting to loose the hyperpigmentation and uneven skin-tone that was knocking their confidence.


    Hyperpigmentation (those unsightly dark patches) has many causes. These include hormonal shifts and irritation caused by certain medicines. Hyperpigmentation is also inked to diabetes, pregnancy and some fungal infections.

    So, enough about us. Are you ready to look and feel younger today? 

    Let's get you started on your journey already!