7 Reasons For Dark Spots On Your Skin


Many people get dark spots on their hands and faces. There are several reasons behind the uneven color patches and dark spots on your skin.

Some of the reasons are:

Gritty Scrubs

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These scrubs can really harsh on your delicate skin.

It can lead to inflammation of the skin if you overuse this scrub on your skin. It will increase the melanin production that causes black spots on your skin.

Even it will make the already existing black spots on your skin worse.


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When pimples disappear from your skin finally, it may leave a brown spot on your skin in its place. This is because of the stress provided by the pimples on the skin which leads to a production of the melanin.

Make sure you use 1% of the hydrocortisone cream on the pimples till it disappears and also continue for 2 to 3 days after that. It will calm your inflammation and also help you to get rid of the spot.



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Often due to birth control pills or pregnancy, estrogen level increases a lot. This causes some muddy looking spots on your skin which is also known as melasma. But the good news is that the hormone causes melasma more when you are exposed to sun and flare it up. So, you need to use at least SPF 30 before you go out in the sun every day.


Light bulbs

In a recent research, it has been proved that even lights emitting from the light bulbs can trigger spots on the skins. Just like the UV lights, the visible light can cause pigment production leading to spots on the skin. So, this is another reason why you need to apply sunscreen but not just any sunscreens. You have to opt for the mineral sunscreens that contact titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These two minerals can fully protect you against the full spectrum of the light.



Not only sunburns, but skin can burn by some other ways too. When the burnt area heals, it leaves a scar tissue which is totally different in color. This can be healed by different medications available for healing the burnt scars and marks from the skin. You need to apply them regularly to get rid of the spots from your skin.



There are some medicines which increase the sensitivity of the skin causing dark spots all over the skin even without exposure to the sun. Medicines with high estrogens, phenytoin, tetracyclines, amiodarone, sulphonamides and phenothiazines cause more of these dark spots in your skins. You need to consult the doctor to either discontinue the medicine or find a solution to these spots.


Skin Diseases and Infections

Often after some skin diseases and infections, dark spots occur on the skin. This is pretty common cause of the dark spots or acne on your skin. Some of the skin diseases that lead to dark spots are hyper pigmentation, Erthromelanosis follicularis etc. Due to fungal infections too the the skin can turn patchy with tan lines which look scaly and brown in color. Often these dark spots can be cured with the help of some natural home remedies that you have to apply daily on the spots.


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