3 French Beauty Secrets You May Be Unaware


It goes without saying that every average woman that I have ever encountered admires how the French-girl looks. Perhaps you have come across a Parisian casual, jeans wearing and white-tee woman.

What’s more? A red lipstick with tousled hair completes her look. You would probably wonder how lightly she takes her appearance. Great!

A renowned co-founder of Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas has released a wonderful book that contains the secrets of her tribe.

In this book, “The French Beauty solution”, Mathilde talks about the beauty secrets that you have been missing.

Within the lines, you would come across some common phrases such as “taking a glass of wine is healthy for your skin” and “never should you eat processed food”.

However, there are some secrets written in this book that I’m certain you have never heard.

Let’s look at them:

"Mixing some amount of self-tanner with a moisturizer will cover dark spots.

If you have a complexion that is milky-white, it would be difficult to maintain it. Why? It shows all blotches and spots that may be on your face.

Would you like to have a face that has spots all over? I guess no. Therefore, you need to apply this secret if you want to eliminate those spots.

Additionally, you can opt to add some dab (preferably the size of a pea) into that body cream that you use. In case you want to keep your nail polish chilly and guarantee it a long term stay, you should keep it in a fridge.

"What about curling your eyelashes?

Your eye mask is the ultimate tool for curling them.

For instance, if you are ready to sleep when you are on an airplane, you can slide on your mask. This dictates the mask to bend your eyelashes upwards. The mask serves the same purpose as that of an eyelash curler.

As you wake up from sleep, you will realize that your eyes will look more open. However, this trick can even work even if you are not on a plane.

"Additional tip: It is good to ensure that the contents that are on your purse smell good.

You can borrow some ideas from chic Parisians. In your handbag, you should have some cotton handkerchief and spray it with that fragrance that you love most.

Why is this important? In order to give your bag and its contents a romantic smell. Additionally, you can keep your leather gloves colorful by inserting a scented handkerchief in them.

At the bottom of the line, we would not try the idea of grape cleanse which sounds like eating grapes only for three consecutive days. This sounds to be too French!


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