7 Reasons For Dark Spots On Your Skin

3 French Beauty Secrets (3)

Many people get dark spots on their hands and faces. There are several reasons behind the uneven color patches and dark spots on your skin.

Some of the reasons are:

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10 Bad Skin Habits You Should Avoid

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Have you been doing everything you think is right but still can’t get the perfect skin you dream of?

You have done all the moisturizing, cleansing, even gone a mile further and bought an exfoliator that you sometimes use but still no results?

Something is definitely wrong.

Well, worry no more, below is a list of things you’ve probably done that you need to avoid in order to get that radiant and stunning complexion you desire.

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Top 5 Skin Whitening Ingredients Dermatologists’ Recommend

Top 5 Skin Whitening Ingredients

The most effective way to get a brighter skin tone is to tamper with the synthesis of melanin, a pigment that gives skin its color. The more melanin a skin has the darker the color is; so to get a lighter skin you need to decrease melanin levels.

However, if you plan to do this the first thing you need to know is that melanin is responsible for protecting you from the harmful effects of the UV radiation thus decreasing the risk of skin cancer. The synthesis of melanin is a complex process that includes 14 steps and thus offers many opportunities for human intervention that aims to prevent the successful production of melanin.

To decrease the level of melanin dermatologists rely on these 5 most successful substances.

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3 French Beauty Secrets You May Be Unaware

3 French Beauty Secrets

It goes without saying that every average woman that I have ever encountered admires how the French-girl looks. Perhaps you have come across a Parisian casual, jeans wearing and white-tee woman.

What’s more? A red lipstick with tousled hair completes her look. You would probably wonder how lightly she takes her appearance. Great!

A renowned co-founder of Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas has released a wonderful book that contains the secrets of her tribe.

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How to get rid of dark spots in 5 steps


Dark spots can be caused by many things, including the effects of aging and ones of sun rays.

We will not discuss the details about these causes right now. Instead, we will try to find ways to diminish dark spots and the following five tips can be really useful:

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